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Each year, literally tens of thousands of pounds of food go to waste in people’s yards all over Denver. Meanwhile, too many people around Denver lack access to fresh produce. People go hungry or without proper nutrition while this fallen fruit causes huge messes, it attracts pests, and it stinks (yeah, double entendre). If you’ve had these problems, or have seen them with your neighbors, we’re here to help.

Our members have the satisfaction of getting their tree harvested for them, not having to deal with the equipment and time required, while avoiding the mess of more than 100 pounds of rotting fruit in their yards. Members get a big bag of their own fresh fruit, and the rest is brought to our partner organizations.

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What we do is simple: When you contact us to harvest the tree(s) in your yard, we’ll schedule a time when you think we can gather the greatest amount of ripe, fresh fruit. Our volunteers will bring ladders, picking poles, other light gear such as tarps to protect lawn and landscaping, and some bags or boxes to collect the harvest.

A typical harvest may take 2-4 hours and garner 100-200 pounds of ripe fruit. We take at least 85% of that to our partner organizations such as day care centers, homes for the elderly, and community kitchens. If you’re doing a bit of math here, you know that this means 15-30 pounds can be left with the homeowner/member or taken home by the volunteers.

The only piece of information we need is an email address. None of your information will be shared outside The Yard Harvest and it will not be used for any purposes other than for harvesting. You can provide your complete address if you would like, or wait for us to contact you.

We will contact you one time to confirm your registration, and then once more in midsummer to be sure you still want to participate.

Once we have achieved charity status, likely early in 2011, we will be asking for a $25 membership fee. If you are unable or unwilling to pay for membership, we still want to hear from you! Members will have priority during harvest season, but we will work to harvest as much food as possible from anyone who registers with us, whether or not they pay the membership fee.

We ask that you contact us when you think your tree is about a week away from needing to be harvested. Regrettably, we will likely only be able to visit you once per season, so please try to estimate the time when we can harvest the most food.

Let us know how much of the food you would like to keep. The rest will go to worthy organizations here in Denver (and our volunteers may take a bit for themselves, but 85% will go to our partner organizations!).  If you have a specific organization in mind that can distribute the food or use it in some kind of educational or nutrition program, please let us know.



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